We have decided it is time to make a change in our social media strategy. In the past, we have posted pictures on Facebook and Instagram as a closed group or private setting so that only our members could see the posts. However, we’re learning that one of the first steps that someone may take before coming as a student or allowing their child to come is to check out our social media posts to see what we’re about. Our current social media strategy doesn’t allow for someone to “check us out” on social media before walking through the doors of the YAC.

So, with that being said, for the past few years, you have been under the impression that photos taken at events would only be posted in a “private” group. We plan to remove any photos of students that have been posted prior to May 1, 2018 before we make our social media pages public. So, basically, we are keeping photos of students that have been posted in the past year.  And, in the future, we may use photos from events and regular 4:12 meetings on our social media pages.

If you desire to NOT have your child’s photo on our social media and/or website, please let me know ASAP.

In Christ!

Brandon Glenn

Director of Youth Ministries

Shiloh Bible Church

Bloomsburg, PA

Office: 570-784-3456

Cell: 570-394-6804